#ineedless but I just bought a shiny new TV

Did I mention I’m a football fan?

More specifically, I have been an unredeemable Dallas Cowboys fan since birth. (If you have to leave now, I completely understand.) And we had some good times in the 90s, but not much to get excited about since then.

Until this 2016-17 season that is, when two rookies set the whole place on fire.

I should also mention that my wife loves me and gets great joy out of seeing me do things I enjoy. (She might also enjoy seeing me act like a complete fool and lose my ever-loving mind when the Cowboys fumble the ball…I’m not sure.)

So when my wife peeked her head in the kitchen on the Sunday morning before the Cowboys first playoff game and said, “So I’ve been thinking…I just got this check in the mail for some work I did that’s just sort of extra, and what I really want is for you to go buy a new TV to enjoy watching the Cowboys play”, what was I supposed to say?

What would you say if your spouse came at you with this???

I felt utterly defenseless:

  • Her work
  • Her name on the check
  • Her joy in seeing me excited
  • Her love language (gift giving)
  • We love watching movies at home as a family
  • Our TV was more than six years old
  • And ginormous, vivid COWBOYS!

Even with all of those bullet points in her favor, she almost certainly expected me to “hmmm” and “weeeellll” and “I dunno….”. (She confirmed later that this is exactly what she expected: much more resistance or at least some significant hesitation.)

Why? Because that’s my nature. I swing to the Saver side of the “Spender/Saver spectrum” and to the Practical side of the “Practical/Free-Spirited spectrum”.

I’m the one that leads the charge on creating exhaustive Pros/Cons lists, analyzing decisions to death until we can barely see straight or remember what decision we are even analyzing.

It’s me that says awesome and responsible things like, “Yeah, but we have this expense coming up and that unknown medical bill just waiting to pounce and our income isn’t exactly predictable…”

In other words, I tend to be pretty beige. Boring. Predictable. Blah. And riddled with financial anxiety for more of my life than I care to admit. (To be discussed in a later post.)

And on top of all that, my word for 2017 is: less. (And I was about to kick off this blog to tell all about it…)

So what did I do in this moment? With my wife holding her breath and looking at me with anticipation?

I took a breath — I let go — And I said, “OK”. (Smile)

And then I ran out the door with my two boys and headed straight to Costco (duh) with the hope of finding the right TV and getting set up in time for the game that afternoon. (We shall not discuss the results of said game.)

So what’s my point in telling you all of this?

I simply want to communicate, with a real world example, that #ineedless is going to look different for each person. It’s going to look different during different seasons of life. It’s going to morph and change along with the specific circumstances you and I are facing.

And it’s going to look different than you and your ego imagined and fantasized about.

Get over it. Breathe. Let it go. And just friggin’ enjoy the ride (or the game).

Because sometimes Love comes knocking and tells you to go buy a shiny new TV.



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