#ineedless of pursuing more

#ineedless. That will be my next (first) tattoo.

Because we live in a world of “More!”. And the pace in pursuit of that unattainable goal seems to be accelerating.

“More!” is the oasis in the parched desert of our society. An illusion.

More to the point, as you can probably feel if you are also an American like me, we live in a country that worships “More!”.

We have believed the lie that “More!”, in every single arena of life, will quench our thirst and move us toward wholeness. Toward satisfaction. Toward fulfillment. Toward peace.

Better. Bigger. Faster. Holier. Healthier. Shinier. Newer. Richer. Busier. Skinnier. Smarter. Flashier. Louder. Wordier. Cheaper.

No, this isn’t just about our possessions. That’s an issue, and it needs to be faced head-on (because we are suffocating in our own stuff), but it’s not the only issue.

I’ve simply had enough of listening to people tell me that I’m not enough without this doohickie or that shiny gadget or this grand idea or that system for personal development or this tool for increased productivity.

I’ve bought that line (and all the crap that comes along with it) for far too long. Maybe you feel the same.

Bottom line: We can’t be who we truly are if we keep pursuing what our culture tells us we should be.

And it’s a process. Oh my, is it a process. My 42 year old self is smack in the middle of it, and that’s the reason this site was born.

Just as much for my own sanity as for anything, I want to get some of this out into the world where you and others can look at it and taste it and kick it and question it and hate it or like it.

But above all, I hope some of us will try it.

I don’t just want to ramble on about theories and ideas and concepts. I want to live a life that actually looks like I need less, and then talk to you about what that feels like. I want to try this stuff on and see how it fits.

I want to be changed by it.

And so, my ONE word for 2017 is: less.

For me, it’s time to remove the layers that I have mistakenly accepted as an integral part of me for so long. They are not me. I am the one underneath the layers of stuff and labels and marketing messages and social expectations.

Am I the only one that feels this strongly about the need to push back against the tide of “More!”? Could be. But I sincerely doubt it.

If one other person out there is encouraged to pursue a life that says #ineedless, if one person can read this and say, “Holy crap, YES!”, I will be thrilled.

If one human being can get a taste of deep shalom (wholeness) on this journey, it will be a breath of fresh air in my lungs.

And what do we need more than air?

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