#ineedless social media in my life

I deleted Facebook from my phone a couple weeks ago.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve done this, but I believe it will be the last.

I have given social media far more than enough of my sacred opportunities to pause, to listen, to feel throughout my days.

But the mere presence of social media in my life is not the issue. Nor is it a problem, anymore than the presence of that delicious package of Oreos in my pantry is a health problem.

It’s the habitual, mindless consumption of both that truly causes the problems in my life and yours. When unhealthy and unnoticed patterns in our lives are running the show and determining our long-term state of being, we must step back and examine these patterns.

The guys behind theminimalists.com often say they are not opposed to consumption itself at all; we must consume things to survive, right? Where they have drawn the line, after having lived financially successful lives where they could (and did) buy anything they laid eyes on, is at the point of “compulsory consumption”. 

When consumption of anything is mindless, it is unhealthy and dangerous.

Maybe you are beginning to see, to feel, that you are trapped in patterns of compulsory consumption with social media as I have been for very long periods of time. Maybe not. (But something got you to read this post…just sayin’.)

The point is simply for each of us to take a very honest look at the control we have given over to social media. Control of our time. Control of our focus. Control of our mood. Control of our own mental health, our sanity.

Does your life literally orbit around your social media habits?

It’s a question each of us desperately needs to answer in this age of absolute overwhelm, of unfiltered information flooding in from every conceivable angle.

A quick challenge to wrap this up and send you packing with something to chew on.

Give up social media for just a single day and fill the gap with these questions:

  • What do I feel in this space that is created?
  • What have I been missing all around me?
  • What is truly here when social media is not my constant distraction (addiction)?

This is about taking a single step back from the patterns that dictate our days.

Take the step, ask some serious questions, and make any changes that your soul realizes it must take in order to thrive.

#ineedless social media, folks. I am certain of this. How about you?

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