#ineedless time under the crashing waves of desire

We have been slow-cooking in a carefully concocted stew of desire since the day we were born.

Can you smell it? Can you taste it? Can you feel it? Well of course not, and that’s the whole point.

It is in our DNA. Every mind-blowing six foot strand of it. And it’s not going anywhere, folks. That desire will be here as long as we are.

“Wait what?”, you’re thinking. “If that desire for more isn’t going anywhere, if I have no hope of eliminating it from my life, then what’s the point of this discussion? Are you just yanking my chain?”

Nope, not at all. Your desire for more may never go away. In fact, it will most likely continue to be fueled by our consumer-centric culture.

But when you make the choice to become aware of this desire, of what it looks like in your life and of what messages or events trigger you to act on the desire, its dark influence upon your life can be steadily diminished.

On the other hand,  if we remain unaware of it, we are truly powerless.

Picture a paddle boarder standing on the shore of the ocean.

The ocean is Life; the waves are the desires that often overwhelm us; the board is our own awareness.

Watch the paddle boarder wade out into the ocean, walking in the shallows with small waves just splashing up past her knees. She’s able to step over the small waves close to shore. No problem, no mess, no overwhelm. But also no gliding silently along on the paddle board yet.

Where are her eyes fixed? On the horizon. Because it is in that direction, beyond the breaking waves, where she will find the calm water she needs to stand on the board and deeply experience the serenity of this space and this experience.

The peace out there is her destination, her deep desire.

But the waves between her and “out there” are huge. They are violent. They threaten to rip the board right out from under her before she can even lay down, stabilize herself and start paddling toward the deep.

As she struggles, her eyes drift to the surfers around her. They seem to be making friends with these waves of desire, riding them for all they are worth and having the time of their lives.

But then she realizes something: the surfers always end right back up in the shallows, destined to struggle against the same crashing waves over and over and over again. Caught in the same cycle, needing another rush to make them feel alive. Again.

And so her gaze returns to the horizon. She reminds herself of her destination: the deep end of the ocean where peace and calm are the norm, the sacred reward.

Out there is where the beauty and majesty of this great ocean of Life can be soaked in and truly appreciated. Where she will not be constantly pulled under the surf, gasping for air and struggling just to survive.

This image reminds me: I know what my destination is.

I will be floating in the deep blue, more aware in each moment of every gift I already have. Now.

The surfers all around me can keep chasing after the next big, impressive thrill that each crashing wave promises. I think I’ve had my fill of that pursuit.

And I hope you will join me out there beyond the crashing waves of desire.

#ineedless. How about you?




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